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Content sheds infrastructure to consolidate other people of department of Chines
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Mention content to flow, city is handed in appoint other people of vice director, city flows do director Chen Zhongwei to always have the word that does not say. He tells a reporter, after area of content shedding garden builds Chengdu international container, will attract large quantities of content to shed an enterprise to enter halt, the key develops much style through traffic, area to deserve to send, form powerful assemble and scope effect, become the distribution centre of goods of ministry of Chinese and Western.

"We prepare to use the 3 time that arrive 5 years, accelerate modern other people to shed infrastructure construction, henceforth, the goods of imports and exports that should let center-west region is in Chengdu change trains! " Chen Zhongwei expresses, as what include 3 old other people to shed garden area, 4 old other people to shed a center inside " modern other people sheds the Chengdu City system of estate development frame " build, chengdu sheds hub position of the center to will get consolidating further in center-west region content, the flying development that modern other people sheds line of business is sure to optimize the effect with drive economy to develop generation very industrial structure, main for Chengdu. Have good thing to shed environmental Chengdu, be sure to attract more investor, the content that develop sheds course of study to also will become Chengdu economy to develop " roll booster " .

The key pushs a project this year

Content sorts Chengdu international container garden area

Project of area of content shedding garden is located in Chengdu international container pale river area, cover an area of 3700 mus, year handle container cargo box of 2 million mark. This project relies on station of center of Chengdu railroad container, with container much style through traffic and container appreciation service are a foundation, deserve to send with industry, commerce deserves to send, international content flows, content shedding equipment is made, the country is purchased with reveal, cold chain content flows for the key, construction service Sichuan, radiate western, the inland harbor of understand whole world, strive to be built in the start working inside year.

Content sheds Chengdu airport garden area

Area of content shedding garden relies on Chengdu airport double shed an International Airport, basically ask for high additional cost and sex of effectiveness for a given period of time taller aviation goods offers storage to deserve to send, change trains cent is dialed, protect duty to superintend, representative of service of appreciation treatment, news, freight, reveal trade wait for content to shed a service. Garden area controls program area 3500 mus, aviation goods year processing capability is 2.5 million tons.

Chengdu is new content sheds a center

Chengdu is new area of economy of north of Sichuan of radiate of content shedding center and in adjacent province city, the regional omnibus thing that assumes northern city land with certain boundaries to deserve to send sheds a center. For Cheng Demian, plain short for Shaanxi Province economy is taken and goods of highway transportation of upper urban district offers storage to deserve to send, change trains cent is dialed, treatment is packed, reveal trade, the content such as information sheds a service. Control program area 2400 mus, highway goods year handle ability 21 million tons.
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