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Draw a string of dispute
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Yesterday morning, civil rights county a few readers are mirrorred to our newspaper, this year June, they are gross after the ad that 10 people do outside seeing civil rights county be stationed in and company of service of the obtain employment outside one family circumstances makes Zhengzhou, took 3000 multivariate charge going abroad each, did appendix to excise an operation, set foot on go abroad the journey that makes boater. But after many setbacks, the place that they are sent is not the Singapore of the promise when hiring, however American an isle country, working requirement also differs with what say at the outset too big. They are in fast after 4 days, just was sent. Subsequently, the 2nd batch of sailors also did not go. Now, they are begging the fee that already paid.

Civil rights sailor: After going abroad, discovery was duped

After the reply that receives a reader expects, the reporter is driven toward civil rights to investigate this matter instantly. Be in civil rights county, the reporter saw among them Li Chunlin of a sailor going abroad, he is tearful told about this to the reporter this " adventure " .

This year June, he sees civil rights county is stationed in outside do and the obtain employment outside Zhengzhou elegance condition serves limited company (next weighing: Zhengzhou elegance) the member that recruit ocean-going vessel jointly. The member that hire a person at that time says, sign 3 years of contracts, workplace is Singapore, work not to exceed 6 hours everyday, gross income not under 100 thousand yuan, still can come home every year visit one's family a month. On July 10, after an office that he runs outside be stationed in signs up, paid 3500 yuan fee going abroad, accepted next groom, accept at the same time with him groom still have 22 people. Groomed many days 20, after doing appendix to excise an operation, the 10 people such as Li Chunlin and Xu annals peak, Li Yujiang set out as the first batch of sailors.

They are to multiply a car to go to Guangzhou from Zhengzhou first, go to Shenzhen, Hong Kong again, arrive by plane after that France, a favourable turn arrives after Venezuela, a favourable turn arrives Trinidad and Tobago. "Because do not have person reinforce, we still are in Venezuela became hungry two days of two night. " Li Chunlin says, be informed in road is not to go Singapore, but without method, airline ticket is company try to win sb's favor. Arrived after the Trinidad and Tobago, they discover 10 thousand tons of many former and affirmatory meters 100 long a large ship became many meters 10 long plastic boat again, and listen to old sailor to say, go to sea even if cannot to disembark 1 many year, do not work to do not have even what eat; Former and affirmatory mechanization job is manual operation actually, after the cut on the hand encounters seawater, can cicatrization far from.

Feeling of their this ability was duped, want to go back to the motherland stoutly then, but travelling expenses is sent in home be lettinged by the requirement. Li Chunlin says: "Our fast 4 days, drink water only, in order to die to force, they just bought the airline ticket that go back to the motherland to us. They just bought the airline ticket that go back to the motherland to us..
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