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More than 1000 unripe fierce cockroach hide seafood goods
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Airport of Guangzhou white cloud installs check personnel to check this morning one wholesale when the seafood goods that goes to Harbin, the member that install check discovered more than 1000 are born unexpectedly fierce fresh cockroach is jumbly in piscine shrimp goods, how to check personnel is hunted down and intercept this batch to be about to seize the opportunity fortunately " travel " pest, otherwise sequential can suppositions.

In the morning 5 when make, when the goods of one ticket seafood that personnel of airport goods check goes to Harbin in examination hair, discover screen of X smooth machine shows among them box of a paper has reptile kind object, open then examine, see however inside in laded 5 nets bag faint the insect is climbed climb, inquiry of the member that install check is why article, freight representative says not to know, because colour of sky is darker at that time, the member that install check takes one net bag to be watched nearly, can't help ' wow ' one acoustical hind, throw net bag on the ground instinctively. Original, in net bag replete big black cockroach, the chaos of full bag climbs, frightened jump the member that install check was counted roughly, bag of a net has more than 300 cockroach about, at least has 1500 cockroach above, because the compressed body of cockroach makes its are good at crawling in petty aperture, once escape in loading,climb climb passenger of fright of plane load cabin, or trouble is caused between creeping parts, consequence is unimaginable.

Press airline regulation, consign an animal to want to issue concerned epidemic prevention to prove, animal of will live body is put firm consign in the container that accords with a requirement, and cockroach kind wait for pest animal to prohibit carrying. Finally, refus of the personnel that install check carried this approves cockroach.

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