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Changshu couplet continent: Encounter content sheds forestall
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"The domain flows in content, our approve of competes, but object a competitor using dishonour stoutly, harsh measure undertakes hitting pressing to us. " Wei Ming is expressing, oneself will with the enterprise together, the legitimate rights and interests of collective defend company.

The fountainhead of conflict

"The prime cause of the conflict since two enterprises is the economy that Changshu city expands ceaselessly, economic development drove the development of course of study of abortion of local other people, the cake that sheds a domain as content of Changshu this locality is bigger and bigger, think the company that parts a cup of a thick soup from which is increasing also, the malign competition between each other also with respect to unavoidable. " a personage of department of Changshu place transportation is right " legal person " the view that spoke him.

Causing what two enterprises conflict directly is Changshu city action store content sheds business, " legal person " be informed in the material that publishs external from Changshu city, changshu enrols a store only then built 1985, through development of 22 years, already from at the outset " driveway market " development becomes the throughout the country's biggest dress dress terminal market. Current, business is had to spread 28 thousand inside the store, many 80 thousand come from domestic and international operator to be in this settle, day all dress cloth freight measures many tons 2500, volume of special purchases for the Spring Festival exceeds 900 thousand tons.

From the point of the freight gross of whole town, amount is more huge, bureau of Changshu city traffic ever was in " goods station of Changshu town road () development plans " in announce data was whole town freight 2005 the quantity is 13.9 million tons.

No matter be to enrol the content of the store to shed business, the content of city of whole still Changshu sheds the business, rich connect content to flow to want to hold among them half of country.

Those who held water 2003 is rich connect content to flow to carry freight transport of road of town of terminal, Changshu to match those who build to carry a center to recombine through asset by money of customer of city of company of Changshu city through traffic, Changshu, company assets total amounts to 1 100 million, it is current Suzhou area (be subordinate to of the Changshu on administrative division into districts belongs to Suzhou city) the oldest other people sheds a business, because the company is located in Changshu to enrol a store, have nice area advantage and enough supply of goods, the business is very accordingly prosperous.

"With ' half of country ' will describe rich look down upon its actual strength a bit, in fact rich already forestall the content of Changshu sheds the market. " already the old surname boss that evacuate Changshu content sheds the market is evaluated so rich connect content to flow, the reason of market of his evacuate Changshu is very simple: Rich too strong, strong to let you open no less than going to!
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