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Shenzhen airport and outside use development strategy cooperates
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Shenzhen airport (000089) announcement, company yesterday with outside use grows (600270) signed strategic cooperation agreement, aviation of the China austral construction of airport of collective stimulative Shenzhen is super freight portal, the strategic development that outside driving, carries development is in Shenzhen airport comes to an agreement.

According to the agreement, use development will expand in the business dimensions of Shenzhen airport further outside, for the China austral Shenzhen airport construction super freight portal provides strong support; The company offers the development that outside be, carries development is in Shenzhen airport those who run safeguard side to support energetically, the policy that outside be being assisted actively, carries development strives for Shenzhen municipal government gives aid to, of the development strategy that outside assuring, carries development is in Shenzhen airport carry out effectively; Both sides will spread out specific collaboration in business side, will establish special working group specific advance fulfil.

The company says, of this cooperation agreement sign, to Shenzhen airport air-freight development has positive stimulative effect, it is the company is carried out those who rely on strategy of portal of super freight of the China austral construction of core air-freight agent is specific fulfil.

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