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Content sheds a business a few sort
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Integrated service content sheds an enterprise to should accord with the following requirement at the same time:
A) is engaged in a variety of content shedding service business, can carry with be being offerred for the client, freight representative, storage, deserve to send wait for a variety of content to shed a service, have certain dimensions;
The B) requirement according to the client, make what integrated content spreads resource run program for the client, the integrated thing that offers contracted sex for the client sheds a service;
C) according to service call, the enterprise has oneself or facilities of the facility for transporting with necessary hire, storage reachs device;
Distributing center, cent moves the goods that D) enterprise has regular operation range network;
E) enterprise deploys special orgnaization and staff, build complete client to serve a system, provide client service effectively;
F) has network news to serve a function, applied information system can serve whole process to undertake state inquiry and monitoring to content shedding.
Affiliation content sheds a business (Logistics Business Enterprise Of Joint Management)
When involving the integrated content that cross a region or crosses a state to shed a service, each content sheds an enterprise to often adopt an affiliation means, use namely be located in service whole journey two of the area of two end or country (or a few) the way that cartel runs, the bilateral each other of the affiliation is cooperative person, develop business activity inside respective area or international respectively, after pulling goods, the flow direction that presses goods reachs carriage section to differentiate the work that bilateral agree carries.
Manage independently model content sheds a business (Logistics Business Enterprise Of Independent Management)
In content shedding service, carrying out single function content to shed the business of the service is to be managed independently entirely almost model content sheds a business. Although,the content that carries out integrated content to shed a service sheds a business from be being told on the whole is to be managed independently, but its interior link is quite complex. Be in especially involve storage, carry, through traffic, even when the circumstance of international through traffic. Usually, the two end that the enterprise serves whole journey in each and among each turn the agency that contact handles the form such as the subsidiary that all sets his or agency or branch, a series of work that in waiting to carry and join about service business, processing needs.
Representative content sheds a business (Act For A Logistics Enterprise)
The two end that serving whole journey and person of the same trade of the intermediate area outside holding ground connection dot to entrust each or abroad serve a representative as content shedding, representative or the cent carry in arranging whole journey to serve work and hand over goods, sign and issue or reclaim through traffic only evidence, processing exchanges information acting income and expenses to pay charge and processing goods traffic accident and issue. Relation of this kind of representative can be each other, also can be one-sided. . . .
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