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By tripartite content shedding and business other people flow decision-making
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Summary: tripartite content flows is a burgeoning industry, be in our country, the course that its develop is shorter, be in the phase that just starts only. But social all circles, no matter be academia, business circles or government, flow to tripartite content gave eager attention. tripartite content of our country flows leave generation in proper environmental setting and fundamental condition, have its inevitability. Enter 90 age, the environment of economy of inside and outside that our country enterprise faces, policy environment produced major change, fundamental technology condition also day attain mature, it is under this kind of setting, generated the demand that spreads to tripartite content. So is tripartite content flows to all enterprises be " universally applicable " choose? The article will undertake individual analysis in the light of not congenial enterprise, do one's best applies a condition to form a sober understanding to what tripartite content flows, this will conduce to content shedding enterprise and content outside those who include a company is double win and the addition of social welfare.
One, flow about tripartite content
So-called content flows is to point to article from supply the ground to flow to the substance that receives the land process, it is the basis needs actually, will carry, store, assemble and unassemble, carry, pack, current treatment, deserve to send, the basic function such as information processing carries out organic union (see GB content sheds term) . Modern other people flows is the demand with satisfying a customer is a target, make, carry, the measure of a kind of strategy that the market condition all such as the sale considers together, of pursuit is to reduce cost, raise efficiency and service level to enhance company competition ability then. Expand as what the society produces greatly and specialization of division of labor deepen, specializationed tripartite content sheds emerge as the times require.
" tripartite content flows " (Third Party Logistics, abbreviation 3PL or TPL) are 80 time metaphase by Euramerican put forward, announced 2001 in our country " GB content sheds term " in, the definition that tripartite content sheds is offerred for " square with the business mode " that needs a content beyond to shed enterprise proffer to shed a service. tripartite content flows, it is to be in outside content shedding business on the foundation of the bag, one kind when shed service company to shed demand enterprise proffer to shed a service to content with the means of bond or contract by professional other people runs way. The research of basis dust Sen Zhe makes clear, the reserve that strengthens the management that sheds value chain to whole thing to be able to drop a business greatly and carriage cost, enhance the long-term competition ability of the enterprise. As a result of competitive pressure increase the globalization with economic activity and area to change, enterprise must him prep bent on core business, dedicated be reduced at his cost and run efficiency rise, center at core competition ability, the bag outside the part that is not core, because of this value catenary medium belongings sheds an activity possible outside the bag goes out, the growth that this caused content to shed the market and tripartite content shed the growing vacuum with giant provider. Technical respect looks, if say market opportunity is distinct, electronic business affairs, especially the uses the bag outside also promoting content to flow development of Internet. tripartite content sheds an enterprise to serve as an outside supplier, it carried out business of the bag outside flowing for content to organize all or the service that partial other people sheds a function. In recent years, change as what contemporary company produces management kind and the market is exterior conditional change, tripartite content sheds the thing that this starts anew to shed configuration to had gotten attention of people highly.
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