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Enterprise of foreign capital of home of our city head keeps duty storehouse sta
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Yesterday, live report is installed store carry (benefit city) limited company and its live subordinately electric outfit is communal the storehouse that keep tax, live report installs content shedding to deserve to send a center to hold practice ceremony, yi Jingdian of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress is attended.
Live report is installed store carry (benefit city) limited company in May 2006 Ou Ruhu presses down settle Hui Cheng, basically manage communal model representative of freight of the storehouse that keep tax, common storage, international reachs advisory business, it is the professional international thing that a this locality changes sheds a business. It is reported, this storehouse that keep tax is the 2nd inside abbacy of benefit city custom storehouse that keep tax, also be first in enterprise of our city foreign capital storehouse that keep tax at the same time.

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