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Chongqing opens pork " green passageway "
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Carriage porky car reachs Chongqing city, if be inside 24 hours,return empty, will avoid cost of bridge receiving a grade. Yesterday, the reporter learns from city agriculture bureau, chongqing city had opened pork to carry " green passageway " , carry porky car to arrive advocate city free market of agricultural products, still will avoid stop a car cost.

Road bridge fee does not collect inside 24 hours

Chief of bureau of Chongqing city agriculture says, truckload to be inside Chongqing city carry fresh the change book car of produce is executed " green passageway " policy, avoid receive car pike.

Study a decision according to conference of special subject of Chongqing municipal government, enter the nonlocal car of Chongqing to shipping pork, in entrance of freeway outer shroud full line gets record card, former road is returned inside 24 hours empty by the record the card avoids cost of the bridge that make a way; Wait to entering slope of river north, 9 dragon advocate the carry goods car of terminal market of city farming by-product, do not stop a car cost; In advocate the city zone is large farming representative of freight of setting of by-product terminal market serves, assistance returns empty wagons to contact carry cargo content.

71 million yuan of support raise a pig

To make sure market pork is supplied, chongqing city published multinomial policy to support live pig breed aquatics. This year, national hair changes appoint 71 million yuan of standardization that allocates Chongqing city dimensions breed aquatics changes extend project financing, had allocated 33 areas county at present, support these area counties to develop dimensions to change live pig breed aquatics.

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