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The winter repairs irrigation works to lift new climax again
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Since entering a winter, winter of anxiety city county repairs irrigation works to highlight " early " word, capture " fast " word, accomplish arouse early program, early, early deploy, early action. Hold infrastructure of irrigation and water conservancy to arouse from entire county after the meeting, broad Gan Qunli uses entire county the favorable opportunity of idle of winter comfortable Wen Nong, elaborate organization, science plans, careful deploy, lift a winter quickly to repair irrigation works to build a climax, each villages and towns presents entire county everywhere give an in full swing to work energetically the prosperous occasion of irrigation works.

Up to now, entire county throws irrigation works to build capital in all 63.25 million yuan, hit newly match motor-pumped well 656 times, scanty dig river of of all kinds channel 675, grow 660 kilometers, build and maintain the bridge, contain, brake 530, break ground 10.96 million stere; Solve a country to water insecure population 53 thousand person, day is highest dispatch 70 thousand person of laborer, employ of all kinds machinery 750 are covered.

Winter of anxiety city county repairs irrigation works to build with agriculture integrated development, country waters safe, " run by the local people is common aid " project of establishment of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy, prevent or control flood divides waterlogged project, water to destroy project rehabilitate to wait for the key, with Shen Sha the channel river such as channel of channel, Meng Xiaohe, calabash, mulberry channel administers a project to give priority to, adopt " the government is driven, the project is pulled move, social linkage, masses acts " method, start capital construction of winter irrigation and water conservancy greatly. Prefectural finance falls in very difficult situation, appropriate capital is used more than yuan 150 at the processing of backbone wadi, entire county forms climax of channel river clear silt very quickly. Prefectural government asks each villages and towns restores to perfect original bring, barrel-drain, achieve " canaliculus opens big channel, old communication river " , form perfect prevent or control flood to eliminate waterlogged project system.

Current, project of mulberry channel processing is whole already complete, use folk recipe in all 103 thousand stere, invest 260 thousand yuan; Shenyang sanded channel administers a project to always invest 1.23 million yuan, be at present in tight construction, clear already barrier is arboreous 37 thousand, dismantle a structure 36 place, platoon seeper 16 thousand stere, employ of all kinds machinery 15, use folk recipe 107 thousand stere. The country that station market native place, Zhang Ji presses down waters safe project is a major project that this county winter builds irrigation works to build, at present main body project already ended, project of water supply of the Chinese style that build part 4 place, among them works of water of 10 thousand people 1 place, tubal net is outspread 2 place; Already dug deep water well 2 times, match sumbersible pump 3, installation pressure canister 2, frequency conversion equipment 1, build administrative house 2 place, laid is of all kinds conduit 420 thousand meters. 3 villages and towns rely on countryside of battalion outline town, Du Ji town, yellow grave cropland of the low yield in agricultural integrated development transforms a project. This project is whole already complete, dig motor-pumped well newly 409 times in all, build, maintenance bridge contain 483, whole ascetic region 121 kilometers, excavate dredge conduit 76, grow 83 kilometers, break ground 800 thousand stere, improved soil 39 thousand mus, development administers an area 48 thousand mus, always invest 25.11 million yuan. Station market native place is relied on " run by the local people is common aid " project of establishment of small-sized irrigation and water conservancy, couple is real, seek farmer masses opinion adequately, hold villager plenary meeting, adopt " be related is discussed " , the idea that through essence of mechanical construction, manpower project phase combines, sunrise uses 1200 people of laborer, employ machinery 12, excavate, dredge is raised, bottle, farming channel 13, grow 32.4 kilometers, break ground 210 thousand stere.
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