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Big mist diffuses 35 shipping cancel discrepancy condition to plan
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The reporter goes to learn into checkpoint of condition frontier defence from Wu Song today, because suffer big mist to affect,come day after day, mixed yesterday today, 35 shipping that discrepancy condition drafts formerly inside Shanghai harbor area under administration already cancelled discrepancy condition to plan, be cancelled to leave the country the shipping of the plan all stops dock, berth, await safe opportunity to leave a port.

It is to ensure outside harbor annulus with nautical safety, station of the check side Wu Song started Shanghai urgent beforehand case. It is to strengthen with each shipping acting company maintains connection, always master in harbor shipping trends; 2 it is edge check branch announce aid hotline and safe protection note in time on the net, ascend annulus extend to the sailor " urgent deliverance gets stuck " , assure to go out sailor of stray foreign nationality and the ship that have grave accident happening get timely help; 3 it is the go on a tour of inspection that increases bank of speak or sing alternately to qualify area, selective examination strength, seasonable discovery, remove danger condition.

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