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Labor contract law carries out adventruous transition
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In January 2008, contract law of new < labor > carry out formally. Divide this beyond, environmental duty still will consider to ask for this year, and " inflection point of Liu Yi Si " arrival has made " it is difficult to hire " what the phenomenon lasted nearly 4 years is long. Below the ternary tie of environment, resource and labour force, "China is made " integral fission, already pulled open big screen truly. Average profit margin is maintained in 8% right-and-left labor concentrated model enterprise, standing in the crossing of test of life and death. Before this one year, suffer a RMB to appreciate, drawback of two duty syncretic, exit reduces the impact that wait, it is merely bead three-cornered shoemaking factory, already on 1000 close down. So-called " world shoe " Dongguan, mixing the manufacturing industry of complete China together, experiencing the anguish of transition and hope.

Remove? Upgrade? Still turn row? Entrepreneur people with the government must " kill a road of a blood to come " . Shenzhen develops the fluctuation on direction to search in the city, be bead a model of trigonometry transition is paradigmatic. Be in early the later period in taking the place of 1990, in the resource such as land, water, report the tie falls, shenzhen general rough machining the change outside course of study, exert oneself develops property of new and high technology, create a research and development and market thereby " a piece of skin " Shenzhen experience. The opportunity also is coming, do poineering work board footstep is already clear can hear, the innovation system that this will be Shenzhen is overhand " deep water motivation is played " , make the high-tech pillar industry of Shenzhen is obtained thereby unripe those who be born not to cease is essential. .

Even if is Shenzhen such forerunner, of the enterprise outside change course still is continueing. Although city of such a gleam of has been in Shenzhen to leave stage by stage the low end of global value catenary, improvement trade still is the classical profit pattern of industry of city of other second line on degree quite however. "Factory of sweat and toil " censure recall of as large-scale as what happened because of quality problem last year product, the root results from " China is made " the grim unfavorable situation that handles low end of global value catenary personally. The produces cost and depress of cruelty of the business that be purchased producer price that increases ceaselessly, make live, is not quality, innovation and brand construction are become crushing all first issue. Of terminal giant shopkeeper, mastering information of first-hand overseas market cross a country to purchase business, suit is abroad consumer is newest the design office of demand, formed China to create the obstacle of life and death that manufacturer spans extremely hard. This makes namely the market power structure of the work person that China makes the world.

Also plant as a result of this very lopsided power structure, make as " China is made " the labor of main body is concentrated model enterprise, must go on the road that remove and upgrades. According to the statistic of association of Asian shoe trade, moved last year from bead three-cornered shoe look forward to, about 25% change arrive the country such as Vietnam, India, the enterprise of 50% criterion ingoing the inland province such as the Hunan that draws near with Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangxi. This is actually quite adventurous transition. Move inland, want to bear to get much content high to spread cost not just, should be faced with industrial form a complete set to be short of more break. Compare with coastal photograph, market environment of inland should be slightly worse probably, and the duty of this ask forring can be asked for as before however, < ; > of labor contract law; Also won't have coastal with inland not. Although change is gone to Vietnam, Thailand or India these southeast Asia countries, want besides raw material and labour cost a few cheaper, in the test of industrial form a complete set and market environment respect, more will austere.
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