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Build the reflection of group of tourism of our country big city to compose
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Tourism is an omnibus industry, its developed a state to reflect the economic actual strength of a country, of the society develop and civilized degree. After World War II, contemporary travel just gradually flourishing rise, and a urban travel is contemporary travel all the time important pillar. Contemporary travel is different from ancient time and mediaeval travel, the most important sign is the child that contemporary travel is economic progress not only, and also be the result that the city turns, develop as what the city changes and develop, can so think: The city is the strong point of contemporary travel, do not have modern tourism without modern big city. Big city function, property and action are controlling small an area, develop way to the travel of a country greatly. The industrial characteristic with the most important tourism is " catalytic effect " , its development can be optimized not only and promote the development of other industry, the birth of catalytic new industry, and still can aggrandizement the function of a city, property and action. As the development of contemporary tourism, the area action of urban tourism is increasingly outstanding. The development of urban tourism has very positive effect to advance and quicken big city internationalization and tourism modernization.
The progress of industrial modernization, specialization extensive development of cooperation, make between departmental door, between the city, the connection of city country is close with each passing day, as a result is mutual and shirt-sleeve, and unifinication of strike city district. Urban district turns the main history tide that makes modern city progress. The urban travel that regards contemporary travel as important pillar also complied with this one trend, the area travel that formed the travel that diffuse to travel space of countryside from the city and forms for the center with the city to attract range develops a tendency, make city and the circumjacent travel of the area produce inseparable connection, photograph interconnection is between them, restrict each other, interaction and make organic whole, this is the objective base that cast of big city travel is become and is able to expand.

   One, the good luck that compose builds big city travel to encircle

(one) compose builds big city travel to encircle is to arrange the real alternative that develops big trend with respect to global tourism

Enter 90 age, world peace and stability created favorable international environment for global tourism development, tourism of stimulative whole world carried the state that develops continuously. The statistic of report of a research that offers according to World Tourism Organization, global tourism entered the period that has the following feature: It is tourist number growth momentum is exuberant; Number of tourist of 90 time international year increase rate tends 4. 2 % , highest for 5 % , to 2000, number number lowest is 5. 9.2 billion, highest can amount to 6. 900 million. 2 it is international travel income grows substantially, growth of income of travel of 90 time international can be amounted to 4. 5 ― 4. 8 % , it is base with the 209 billion dollar 1989, to 2000 income is approachable 350 billion dollar, contemporaneous inflation and exchange rate change can make at present international travels income overbalance 500 billion dollar. 3 it is overall trend presents area travel situation " the Asia is arisen, european be on the wane, america is smooth, africa is budding " outstanding characteristic. In 90 time, no matter be to leave the country,travel, still recieve travel, east Asia and Pacific Area will be the area with the rapiddest development, help the focus that changes international travel section thereby east move. 4 it is development of travel area combination and sales promotion, concentrated force quantity holds large activity to make the newer trend of intense competition. These built group of big city tourism to plan a requirement for our country compose.
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