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Swedish content sheds whole world of industry competition ability to rank the 4t
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According to Sweden " industrial journal " report, in the report that spreads trade situation and competition ability in the content of concerned whole world that bank of near future world releases, swedish content sheds industry competition ability to be next to Singapore, Holand and German house whole world the 4th. This report result basically is based on pair of whole worlds the whole thing of 150 countries flows supply a system to include to connect close formalities, content to shed quality of cost, infrastructure, delivery the survey of the respect such as seasonable sex, and the assessment that main freight representative and express company place make the whole world.

Content of university of science and technology sheds Chaermosi is Sweden professor Kenth Lumsden expresses, sweden is had one large quantities of dependence efficient the export business that content sheds, the level that sheds line of business because of this Sweden content is very high. The research that shed line of business about content in the past basically pays close attention to cost, and what this investigation more makes an on-the-spot investigation is the ability that solves content to sort link problem, sweden is in this respect is very active.

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