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Each type thing sheds informatization shallow analyse
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Join WTO as our country, foreign capital begins the home market that grab a beach, amount giant, dimensions slants small our country company shows the possibility its conformity advantage because of having a body and by strong company each checkmate. However, no matter be which kinds of content,shed operation pattern, shed informatization to build be closely bound up with content.

Group enterprise: Intensify compose building content to shed a system

To group enterprise, its internal matter spreads cost apparent on the high side. To improve the integral competition dominant position of the group, enterprise interior is trying to sort thing the branch such charge center change is profit center. Above all, the storage requirement that group enterprise needs to be aimed at interior company builds the storage service center that intensive changes, the raw material memory that uses storage service center to solve enterprise interior, when storing with manufactured goods in goods, the much business client that confronts as a result of place of this storage service center, because this its system pattern must support much storehouse and much consignor way, and the tripartite content that mode of this kind of storage is enterprise interior actually sheds a service.

Use the main benefit of this kind of form to have: Realized the fall of storage whole cost, include manpower resource and storage resource; Through centering type storage major to manage, improved efficiency of storage operating speed, exercise; Enhanced storage information definition.

Additional, group enterprise also can unite carriage resource further, adoption means has outside the bag carries a service, or the carriage resource that is collect neutron company consolidates management. In the meantime, because there can be business dealings between subsidiary, need strengthens cooperation further, business will involve the treatment cooperation of the product and sale cooperation. If will improve the content before to shed configuration and the photograph after improving to compare, the reader sees the actor of low quality of both not hard.

The content before improve sheds a system in, content shedding deserves to send a system to present many pairs of much states, administrative levels is various, management is intricate. Consequently, the user must face a lot of content to shed service interface ability to finish content to shed operation, this is opposite defer oneself the response of client demand; Additional, this kind of content sheds a system to repeat construction, cost is high.

Because established content to shed a center, the belongings of enterprise and client sheds exercise to be centered on interface of a platform and interface, facilitate unified managing and answer in time, shortened answer time, improved service quality. Because content shedding center is to face group enterprise and broad client, because the content inside this group sheds a system to will be gone to by conformity inside content shedding center, nonexistent the question that repeats construction content to shed a system, many and managing devoted cost.
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