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Chinese boat assist security of first air-freight representative enterprise groo
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The countryman in the basis uses aviation bureau (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) carriage department " the case that superintends about enhancing security of enterprise of air-freight sale agent " requirement, chinese aviation carriage association is in Beijing Beijing at coming 16 days on May 15, 2008 hotel of lucky hot spring held first Beijing area air-freight acting enterprise security grooms.

The in having countryman that attends begin school ceremony uses deputy director general of Wang Huaiyu of aviation bureau public security bureau, carriage Si Lianxiu danger of department of musical instrument section chief, flying mark tastes carriage expert Li Yugong. Before the clique concerns a comrade, public security bureau of management board of various places of total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton also comes to view and emulate, will groom the data brings back each district to undertake grooming. The legal person delegate of enterprise of 90 air-freight sale agent and business are in charge of Beijing area in all 180 people attended head period groom. Groom before course begins, shake of all Xiangwen plain earth dies brethren stand in silent tribute a minute.

Wei Zhenzhong of carriage association secretary-general chaired Chinese aviation to groom begin school ceremony, make clear the purpose from the very beginning of secretary-general of the Kingdom of Wei, summed up with typical case before the experience lesson that Olympic Games safety guards a respect, emphasized situation of home's at present grim air defence security. To the administrative existing state of affairs of current air-freight representative business, undertook be analysinged deeply. The speech of secretary-general of the Kingdom of Wei rings the alarm bell that air-freight safety guards noisy, every student that shook strongly to be present.

Deputy director general of king bosom jade is opposite public security bureau of civil aviation bureau in boat assist lecture class offerred Bencipei sufficient affirmation, think to hold those who enhance freight security to groom class not only seasonable, and necessary. King deputy director general emphasizes wanting to know air defence safety adequately to act as agent in freight further the importance in the job; Meet the austere and complex condition that safety of current air defence faces adequately, the whole nation strengthens freight security work. The hope grooms student enters this study seriously, the air defence security that increases a business manages a resort, perfect air defence system and system of job responsibility, pass aggrandizement safety consciousness, normative regulations system and operating sequence, make enterprise safety manages on new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

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