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Dangerous goods highway transportation and defend
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The highway transportation of dangerous goods must be had ensure safe facility for transporting is mixed assemble and unassemble equipment, the camp that has property of familiar and dangerous goods carries administrator and driver, in order to make sure dangerous freightage is safe.

Motor vehicle packing box should be woodiness motherboard, can avoid to produce scintilla so; If use iron qualitative motherboard, should use corresponding gasket to defend. Motor vehicle vent-pipe must have heat insolation and extinguish scintilla unit. The property that holds dangerous goods according to place provides corresponding fire protection equipment and bundle up, waterproof, prevent the appliance such as be lost.

Groove (coal tub) the chamfer of the car (coal tub) system ability must install goods property photograph to suit with place character, be like: Nitric acid applies aluminous chamfer, useless nitric acid uses glass reinforced plastics and stainless steel. Deploy double talk gate according to need, prevent content of wave board, sunshade to wait for safe device. Shipping container, large gas cylinder and portable chamfer (coal tub) car, must have significant solid equipment and corresponding stopper.

The special carriage vehicle of shipping radio isotope and equipment must accord with the concerned regulation of the branch such as wholesome epidemic prevention, public security. Should provide to car, equipment, bearer, protective equipment undertakes radioactivity pollutes a circumstance to be checked regularly, when polluting radiative intensity to exceed bid, must clean, the ability after disinfection continues to use.

Use all sorts of assembling and unassemble inflexible demand has enough safety factor, 1/3 what design requirement overload ability commonly, like rated load 5 tons crane is mixed drive a vehicle, should achieve 6 tons of ~ 7 tons ability removing condole. Shipping machinery must have the explosion proof unit that eliminates scintilla generation. Taboo easy attrition produces the tool of scintilla, also cannot stick on use tool have the contaminant that collides with appearance of place loading substance.

In carriage process, if appear,leakage asperses a phenomenon, should take following step:

1. Explosive: Swift move is repaired to safe place or change pack, the article that asperses to leaking uses water in time wet, shed the loose thing such as some of sawdust or batt, collect gently.

2. Compress gas or easy volatilize liquid: Open door of door, library, move ventilated place. Liquefied ammonia is flat but in water intrusion, other and virulent gas should in immerge limewater.

3. Spontaneous combustion tastes or encounter water combustion to taste: Yellow phosphorus is aspersed backward in wanting rapid water intrusion, metallic natrium, Potassium must immerge fills the drum that has kerosene or anhydrous liquid olefin in.

4. Combustible article: Attend leakage place day. After aspersing content to use dry Huang Sha, dry earth to enclothe to leaking, clear.
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