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Deal with in what highway accident jockeys method
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In freeway travel, if because malfunction or fuel is spent when wait for accident circumstance and must jockeying, must stop on road shoulder, do not allow to jockey on driveway absolutely. But jockeying on road shoulder also is not absolute safety. Be in especially nightly, the taillight after the car may be considered as the taillight of the car in travel by accident by follow-up car, dog and come, the result is caused chase after end to bump into car accident. Unless be to malfunction,wait for special situation so, do not jockey to rest or view and admire a scenery on road shoulder at will, lest produce an accident.

When be necessary to jockey on road shoulder, should adopt a few safety to be on guard measure. This includes to install breakdown car to warn mark card in 100 meters of place after the car, the member that multiply inside the car should get off outside protecting column to roadside, be avoided entirely. If be in nightly, still must turn on the signal lamp on the car (show wide lamp, taillight) . In jockey when removing trouble, most can somebody is in charge of safe observation after the car, if encounter risk,the circumstance can issue a warning in time. General little trouble but oneself start work eliminate, if breakdown is complex, should use the contact establishment such as urgent telephone call to request assistance. Do not answer to undertake car for long on road shoulder repair operation, more do not allow intercept road to go up to going sailed car.

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