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Characteristic of freeway traffic sign
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Drive when you travel is on road, you can see roadside the traffic sign that each draw has design or number. The action of traffic sign is demonstrate road characteristic, hint the driver is operated, ensure transportation is safe. So, what does the mark on the traffic sign on the freeway and general road have to differ?

One, the legibility sex of the mark suits high speed drive a vehicle

The wagon flow on the freeway measures big, speed fast, dimension of the setting height of traffic sign, physics has not at other way. The design of traffic sign must make sure the driver with high speed travel sees the character on mark board or pattern clear in some distance, the traffic action that the content that assures to manage function presses a mark takes necessary step to finish a provision.

When the rate that a car must achieve with the freeway drives quickly, indicate from discovery - - recognize indicates - - begin to take action - - the mark disappears, the accident of this period of time is because of the person different, different age of the driver, sexual distinction and drive experience, the reaction time that passes information to the mark each are not identical, need 0.56 seconds commonly - between 0.98 seconds, after because the design of this mark is passed,be being calculated accurately, to size dimension, discretion undertakes deciding. Return a basis at the same time international is general and regular, with the regulation design conveys corresponding content, wait like dot of gas station, maintenance, dining-room, the department function in making high speed advances identifies quickly and make sharper reaction.

2, the changeability of the mark ensures the safety of the freeway is expedite

A lot of traffic sign that install on the freeway are alterable design signal mark. For example traffic sign indicates with alternating color comes ahead viatic circumstance: Indication green states everything is normal, yellow colour specification is crowded, red represents ahead block, directive driver immediateness alternates driveway sails toward other highway. Can show like mark of alterable speed limit from 20 kilometers / the hour comes again the different speed of hour of 120 kilometers / , locate speed in order to instruct a driver on the level that suits with the biggest traffic, flowing traffic discharge, develop high speed character. In big mist, snow, below frozen climate condition, mark of alterable speed limit was to develop more provide real time information, prevent the accident happening, action that makes sure highway is expedite.

3, of the mark glance character makes before the driver a light

The traffic sign on the freeway does not use the light source that gives out scattering light commonly, because this kind of white-hot light can cause the driver blindfold of high speed drive a vehicle, conceal is worn accident hidden trouble. The traffic sign on the freeway used a kind of new-style illume data - - glance film. This kind glances velar store is stuck on traffic sign, should get when the illuminate of other light source, in the eye that can reflex the light directionally the driver, make indicate clarity is bright. This kind glances velar reflectivity compares common paint strong hundredfold, reflection distance can amount to kilometre above, make the driver is in remote can discover.
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