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Dangerous goods consignor is being dealt with a few what when consigning, must a
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(one) to the carrying trade that already obtained road danger freightage to manage a qualification door deal with consign.

(2) fill in on booking note the name of an article of clear and dangerous goods, norms, heavy, date of the number, method that pack, start shipment, receive consignor detailed address and the note in carriage process. The dangerous goods of special to having requirement or carriage by clearance, must with relevant sheet card, make clear inside column of booking note remarks.

(3) consign following and dangerous goods, ought to hold concerned certificate:

1, explosive article and the chemical and dangerous article that require carriage by clearance, ought to the explosive navicert that branch of hold public security signs and issue or chemical danger taste navicert;

2, radioactivity article, ought to the pollution of the surface that pack that the nucleus of branch of wholesome epidemic prevention that hold appoints sends and certificate of radiation level examination.

(4) goods property or the dangerous goods with inimical method of put out a fire, must fill in respectively booking note, be installed with preventing to mix and cause grave accident.

(5) consign did not include " goods the name of an article expresses motor transportation danger " dangerous goods new breed, need to refer production or examine and verify of branch of management unit officer " dangerous goods appraisal is expressed " , after be being approved via saving highway transportation management board, deal with carry.

Every did not stipulate by above conduction danger goods is consigned, produce carriage accident from this, assume full responsibility by the consignor.

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