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Railroad goods freight rate is regular
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General principles of the first chapter]

The 1st basis " law of railroad of People's Republic of China " the 25th regulation: To reflect freight rate policy of the country correctly, certain state railway (abbreviation country iron, be the same as below) method of freightage charge calculation, refer in particular to definitive edition regulation.

The 2nd " railroad goods freight rate is regular " the basis that is charge of freightage of computational state railway, carrier and consignor, consignee must abide by this regular regulation.

Charge of freightage of the 3rd railroad is the compensation that each manufacturing service that provides to place of railroad transportation enterprises uses up, include station charge, moving charge, service charge and additional take up the charge of railroad equipment.

Railroad freightage charge uses freight bill and nucleus of receipt of freight sundry charges to close by railroad transportation enterprises.

The freightage of business line of iron of the 4th country, except military transport (hind pay) , outside the freightage cost that railway ministry of etc of through transit traffic of railroad of portage, international has a regulation additionally, press charge of this regular computation freightage.

Of charge of freightage of the 5th railroad collect fees project and rate, should do business in the station spatial announcement. Without announcement, must not execute.

[the 2nd chapter the computation of freightage charge]

The program of charge of freightage of the first computation

The program of charge of freightage of the 6th computation:

1. By " goods freight mileage is expressed " (accessory 4) the freight mileage that computational station setting out reachs to stand.

2. Search according to the goods name that fills in on bill of lading " classification of railroad freightage the name of an article and acting stopwatch " (accessory one) , " railroad freightage the name of an article checks a watch " (accessory 3) , determine applicable freight rate size.

3. 0 truckload, goods press the freight rate date with applicable goods, box of container cargo basis, car of basis of goods of cold storage car is planted express ” in transportation rate of “ railroad goods respectively (accessory 2) in the transportation rate with applicable fish (send namely base price and moving base price, be the same as below)

4. After the hair with applicable goods adds what the freight mileage photograph of moving base price and goods multiplies to accumulate to base price, again with the chargeable weight that decides by this regulation (container is counted for box) multiply, computation gives freight.

5. Incidental expenses decides computation by this regular compasses.

The postulate of charge of freightage of the 2nd computation

The chargeable weight of freight of the 7th goods, truckload goods with ton for the unit, ton the following round; 0 goods are an unit with 10 kilogram, be not worth 10 kilogram to enter for 10 kilogram; Container cargo, it is an unit with box.
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