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Clauses of onshore carriage goods (the train, car)
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One, extent of liability

This insurance cent is land transportation danger and land transportation All Risks 2 kinds. When be sufferred lose by insurance goods, this insurance presses the provision that risk of bright accept insurance revises on insurance policy to provide negative liability to pay compensation.

(one) land transportation danger

This insurance is in charge of compensating for:

1. Be sufferred in carriage road by insurance goods calamity of nature of windstorm, thunder, flood, earthquake or because carry a tool to suffer collision, bend answer, off the rails or hard and fast, strike a reef, sunken, collision is sufferred because of lighterage tool in lighterage process; Or because suffer channel cave in, cliff dies or place of contingency of be on fire, explosion causes all or partial loss.

2. Insurant takes rescue to sufferring the dangerous goods inside accept insurance responsibility, the reasonable fee that prevent or reduce the measure of damage of goods and pays, but the insurance amount in the limit of that approves the goods that be saved with exceeding this.

(2) land transportation All Risks

Outside eliminating the liability that includes a place difficult of access of the above-listed land transportation, in be sure to still be in charge of be in to carry road by insurance goods originally as a result of foreign account be caused by all or partial loss.

2, except responsibility

This insurance does not lose liability to pay compensation to following loss:

(one) the voluntary action of insurant or the loss that error causes.

(2) the loss that attributes consignor responsibility place to cause.

(3) before insurance liability begins, the loss that short difference of the inferior quality that already was existed by insurance goods or amount causes.

(4) be declined by the natural loss of insurance goods, intrinsic defect, character and market, the loss that carriage defer place causes or charge.

(5) our company are onshore clause of carriage goods war risk and the extent of liability that clause of freightage strike danger sets and except responsibility.

3, responsibility the beginning and the end

This insurance bears responsibility of ” of “ Cang Zhicang, be carried from insurance policy be leavinged by insurance goods carry bright storehouse of start shipment ground or store the become effective when location begins to carry, in including to carry a process normally onshore with the lighterage on the water that concerns with its inside, the final storehouse that till this goods carry amounts to insurance policy place,carries destination chamberlain or store location or insurant use as allocate, those who allocate is other store till location, like did not transfer afore-mentioned storehouse or store location, the station that uninstalls finally with be being transferred by insurance goods is full 60 days till.

4, the obligation of insurant

Insurant should answer according to what set below do one's duty handles concerned matter, because did not fulfill a regulation,be like compulsory and when affecting our company interest, our company reject to compensate for to having right about the loss.
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