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Highway carries goods work flow to introduce
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Accept the order:

   ΔHighway transportation director is accepted from client place (fax) carry send a plan.
   ΔHighway transportation attempers receive delivery of cargo from storage to carry indenture card from client place.
   ΔCheck only evidence.


   ΔCarry attemper deliver goods destination is divided on registration form, cent receives number of pick up the goods of goods client demarcate.
   ΔDriver (appoint personnel and car) to carry attemper the center takes sheet of pick up the goods, carrying ascend all to go up originally affirm sign after receiving sth.

Call arrangement:

   ΔFill in carriage plan.
   ΔFill in carry in road, send a case, track feedback list.
   ΔComputer is defeated by sheet.

Motorcade has sex:

   ΔAccording to deliver goods direction, weight, bulk, plan vehicle as a whole.
   ΔThe newspaper carries a plan to give client point, acknowledge time of yard pick up the goods.

Shipment of pick up the goods:

   ΔArrive at storehouse of client pick up the goods on time.
   ΔExamine vehicle case.
   ΔFormalities of conduction pick up the goods.
   ΔPick up the goods, build good carport, lock up good case door.
   ΔHad done to leave factory formalities.
   ΔThe phone informs client receiving money amounts to time beforehand.

Track in road:

   ΔEstablish record of client receiving money.
   ΔThe driver feedbacks in time the information in road.
   ΔContact deliver goods circumstance with phone of client receiving money.
   ΔFill in dog record.
   ΔUnusual situation is contacted in time with the client.

Arrive at sign after receiving sth:

   ΔPhone or fax acknowledge arrival time.
   ΔThe driver will answer sheet to use EMS or FAX faxes Hui Chenghua company.
   ΔSign after receiving sth carries sheet.
   ΔWill answer sheet to send to client place regularly.
   ΔGive a client the domiciliary and seasonable feedback of local market.

Answer sheet:

   ΔOn time accurate arrive appoint landing site.
   ΔGoods has sex.
   Δ100 percent sign after receiving sth, the amount that assures carriage product and quality and sheet of client delivery of cargo from storage are consistent.
   ΔPerson of understanding deliver goods is in place to client product the sale status of the market.

Carriage settle accounts:

   ΔHad arranged collect fees bill.
   ΔHad done collect fees summary table is handed in to the client, a settle accounts center is made after affirming.
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