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Of highway transportation of our country foreign trade and port distributing
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1. Right alone couplet body highway transportation port:

Xinjiang: Tuergete, suddenly Er fruit this, ba Ketu, ji Mu is, ai Maili, dakeshenken.

Northeast area: Long mountain range child (sunshine spring) / Kalasijinuo; Dong Ning (fork in a road) / Boerdafuka; Peaceful fragrance river / Bogelani engraves inside; Room Wei (Jilalin) / Ao Luo engraves; Black hilltop / old Chu Luhai pursues; Full continent in / hind Beijiaersike; Desert river / Jialinda.

2. To port of Korea highway transportation:

In between face former only our country red east there are a few highways as newly as Korea to export freightage occasionally between justice city. Since 1987, jilin saves open sunshine spring, graph door river and Korea? The highway transportation of the local trade goods that lens north. Carry outside head office and Korea oneself by me at was being signed 1987 Jilin saves 3 close, the agreement of the goods of have a change of luck of clear ferry harbor of Korea of classics of sanded lump port.

3. To port of Pakistan highway transportation:

Of Xinjiang red its are pulled just and city of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting.

4. To India, nepalese, the highway transportation port of Bhutan:

Basically have Tibetan southern part inferior east, parry, camphorwood.

5. To the main road port of Vietnam place commerce:

The influx that basically Yunnan saves municipality of the Yi nationality of red river the Hani nationality and port of golden water river.

6. To port of Burmese highway transportation:

Yunnan omits condition of De Hong Dai nationality quite Wan Ding port of the municipality is our country the port of main export land transportation to Burmese commerce, still can carry the foreign trade goods of this port and part of Burmese road transport and India.

7. To Hong Kong, the highway transportation port of Macao:

The Wen Jindu that is located in Guangdong to visit Shenzhen town and Hong Kong new Territories are conterminous, be apart from Shenzhen railroad station 3 kilometers, it is passageway of a passageway of imports and exports of railroad of distance of countrywide highway port is the closest bigger highway. Those who lead to Hong Kong is additional two port are the sanded brilliance that is located in Shenzhen city the eastpart part and Huang Gang. It is the Gongbei that is located in the end austral Zhuhai city to port of Macao highway transportation.

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