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Page of customs declaration add: In the careful sheet job that fulfils custom computer to type, declare the project of goods to what create a precedent goes out cannot is in on a piece of customs declaration, can give in adding a page state, follow customs declaration to close to the sea together written declare this kind to add a page to call page of customs declaration add. Add page is applied to only into, of goods of supplied materials treatment declare.
Case detailed list: Also weigh container load plan. It is one of main sheet card that carriage tool controller meets test to custom, state this to carry a tool, all goods circumstance of carry of place of condition of this second pass in and out, include kinds or types of goods, odd numbers of number, weight, carry or date of bill of lading.
Receive condition: Show import content accepts the first port that custom superintends.
Give condition: Point out buccal goods does knot custom finally to superintend the port of formalities.
Start shipment ground: Point out the first place of buccal goods start shipment.
Destination: The ground that points out buccal goods does knot custom finally to superintend formalities is nodded.
Change trains: Of goods change trains, passenger change trains or car change trains appellative. Show goods carry is gone to have a change of luck of haven of the halfway in destination process, station or transhipment of through cargo.
Through traffic: Use same carry a certificate, join with different carriage kind or a few transportation enterprises content of carry deliver goods or passenger arrive the carriage means of destination.
International through traffic: Use same carry a certificate, join with different carriage kind or a few transportation enterprises the carriage business that carries goods and passenger.
Through traffic of international much style: It is to point to according to contract of much style through traffic, with at least two kinds of different carriage kind, the land that manages person general goods to carry consign goods is appointed inside another territory from the place that goods take-overs inside one territory by much style through traffic is nodded.
Pass through the territory of a country carries: Content of his home products carries through native territory in carrying a process toward another country carry.
Frontier station: In international through traffic, one country railroad with another country railroad deals with goods and car to wait for the station that joins operation.
Order goods card: In introducing equipment of advanced production technology, to strengthen macroscopical management of the country, control Electromechanical equipment import, the State Council establishs Electromechanical equipment to examine harmonious office, entrance Electromechanical kind the unit of the product all needs explain get order goods card, custom imports formalities by what concern in order to deal with. Order goods since Feburary 1, 1992 card is changed for “ Electromechanical equipment the entrance proves ” .
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