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" custom dictionary " custom is commonly used lexical annotate 4
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Brake mouth superintends: Also say “ blocks a superintendency ” . One kind when the brake mouth that custom passes in sailor of condition of haven gate pass in and out undertakes to sailor article decides a dot to superintend.
Superintend aboard: Custom general is certain and marine stock or article are superintended by land go up to ship of border of pass in and out. Like duty-free smoke wine, duty-free food, wait for ship things only.
Sailor check puts: The treatment that custom enjoys according to different sailor carries baggage article to undertake probation the procedures of discharged to place of sailor of condition of pass in and out.
Ship side check puts: Custom gives article of condition sailor baggage to deal with check to put formalities to entering in ship side. It is to show sailor of our country book is in commonly when entering a country, custom puts goods of what its carry is big, small baggage to ship side check for convenient sailor.
Aboard check puts: Via the ship application, custom deals with sailor check to put formalities to the boat. It is sailor of the citizenship in pointing to commonly when entering a country, custom inspects need to be in aboard sailor " shop this " on conduction check puts formalities, normally disloyal border check puts its baggage goods. Aboard check puts conditional shipping to stay in berth, on the boat with sailor more number relatively concentration, need to deal with amalgamative formalities, need sailor of check the amount to carry article to wait.
Brake mouth check puts: Custom deals with sailor check to put formalities in brake mouth. Brake mouth is set in the gate of harbor of haven pass in and out commonly.
Check puts year: Does Ju of Zi of 9 divinatory symbols long to carve extensive of bursa of small cup of Pu of fat those  faithful read Pi to hold the post of  ノ bad collect to attack does Kang protect  oh does  low wash burnt of scar of Chang Ding of  of slope of Huan of  Yan Gu does Ju of  post Ba pat Chang Ding of  of  of Pi caries  ?
Check puts a quarter:
Check puts day of number: Is  of glutinous of Ju of Zi of 9 divinatory symbols my carve does aim of extensive of bursa of small cup of Pu of fat those  attack does huang3hu1 sunlight does impaludism of Ju of  of  of enthalpy of business of Xi of flesh R divide evenly sunlight flesh?
Natural year:
Be responsible for a task unit until it is completed day of number:
Reward day of number:
Actual and outer day counts: Excrement of  of Quan of pain or numbness caused by cold of  of discharge   relatively Ji emperor guides excrement relatively  of enthalpy knocking at a grandma:
Amalgamative day counts: Does the Chinese alligator that add  fry  to flatter by  pain or numbness caused by cold pull dirty sauce feeds  of 〖 of Ze of tamper ancient wine vessel to carve is Ju of the press or rub against of word of arm of  of  of the foot of mountain of Huang of ⒉ of the  that punish  that stew climbed medium does ㄎ of Ou of our reed of    carve punish  does Qiang of  of enthalpy of shop of 9 counterfeit official steal Gua?
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