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The concept of marine bill of lading and distinction
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Marine sheet (SeaWaybill) , say again maritime carry sheet or maritime freight sheet, it is " carrier shows to consignor or its agent goods already received appropriate to need the bill of outfit, it is a kind of receipt that cannot make over, must not announce in order to be in destination port namely this receipt serves as condition receiving money, must not hold a receipt to be sent, the money that shipowner or its agent can get by consignee to announcement or its identification to its delivery " (is brought from September 1978 U.N. Economic Commission Europe " Recommendation " )

The distinction of marine sheet and bill of lading and connection

1, bill of lading is goods receipt, carriage contract, also be matter right proof, marine sheet has goods only receipt and carry with these two kinds of property, it is not matter right proof.
2, bill of lading can be the directive looks up form, connect the ground to endorse current make over: Marine sheet is a kind of blame shedding can sexual receipt, the sea raises the mark on sheet to understand affirmatory consignee, cannot make over current.
3, marine sheet and bill of lading are OK consummate " already lading (Shippedonboard) form, also can be " receives form of "(Receivedforshipment) of appropriate equipment carry. The front of marine sheet accumulates each column format and copy to make method and marine odd bill of lading basic and identical, it is marine odd consignee only column cannot sex of make it directive looks up Ying Shan makes affirmatory specific consignee.
4, the lawful holder of bill of lading and carrier are mixed by pick up the goods of bill of lading delivery, the consignee on marine sheet does not produce marine sheet, inform by pick up the goods only or its identification pick up the goods, carrier produces goods of proper identification consign by consignee.
5, the branch that bill of lading has whole style and brief type bill of lading, and marine sheet is brief type only evidence, the reverse side does not list detailed freight item but carry but cite is marine the clause of content of the reverse side of bill of lading.
6, marine sheet and nominative bill of lading (StraightB/L) , although consignee of sign one's name, do not make endorse make over, but what they are having essence is different, nominative bill of lading belongs to a kind of bill of lading, it is matter right proof, hold nominative bill of lading, consignee can be in pick up the goods however cannot by marine only pick up the goods.

Use the profit of marine sheet, marine sheet involves tripartite of consignor, carrier, consignee only, the procedure is simple, the operation is convenient, be helpful for the move of goods.

Above all, marine sheet is a kind of safe proof, it is not had make over negotiability, can avoid receipt losing and the consequence that forge generation of place of bill of lading.
Next, pick up the goods convenient, seasonable, cost saving, consignee pick up the goods need not produce marine sheet, this solved the common problem that marine goods reachs close road and bill of lading did not go to already, cost of the demurrage charges that avoided generation of place of delay pick up the goods again, storage.
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