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International freight exports flow to operate circuit
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One, accept consignor inquiry

1, marine inquiry:

① needs to master deliver goods harbor comes each continent, each are big course is commonly used, reach consignor to often need the haven of the service, the price;

Information of sailing date of company of ② main ship;

When ③ needs, answer to inquiry consignor inquire information of a few categories, be like money name, dangerous level. (canalage danger compasses)

2, land transportation inquiry: (RMB charge) <BR>

① needs to master each big main city to the kilometer is counted and drag box price;

Price of case of ② each port area;

③ declares at customs the cost, trade supervision, check that use plant rate.

3, cannot offer in time, need to ask a client to leave the connection essential factor such as phone, surname, so that be in,consignor replies inside short time as far as possible.

2, accept the order (accept consignor to entrust)

After accepting consignor to entrust (it is a fax commonly) the key information that needs to make clear:

1, sailing date, several

2, box, case volume

3, gross weight

4, bulk

Each model the largest volume is: (Long * wide * is tall) can hold bulk, can hold weight

1×20’GP=31CBM 6*2.38*2.38 25 17MT

1×40’GP=67CBM 12*2.38*2.38 55 25MT

1×40’HC=76CBM 12*2.7*2.38


(note: Average case of GP General Purpose; Stere of CBM Cubic Metre; Metric ton of MT Metric Ton; High case of HC High Cubic)

5, clause paying fee, consignor contacts a method

6, the circumstance that make case, the door is returned to the door is inside outfit

3, order cabin

1, copy controls proxy (10 couplet are odd) ;

The oldest rate answers to assure when making sheet primitive the data that holds sheet in the palm sex of correct, conform to, in order to reduce follow-up process change often.

2, build a company to order cabin chapter to order cabin:

Need to supply the accessory that order cabin (price of the company that be like a boat affirms) , answer to have Qi Fang can order cabin along with all the others.

3, obtain match cabin to answer sheet, pick information of number of name extraction a boat, the number of voyages or flights, bill of lading.

4, make case

1, the door arrives the door:

In plan of the case that fill appropriate: Name of the time that make case, boat, the number of voyages or flights, close harbor of odd numbers, change trains, destination port, gross weight, dot of number, bulk, door, contact, phone because of,want, close day at cut first (before sailing date two days) 1~2 day discharges good car class.

2, inside outfit:

In plan of the case that fill appropriate:

3, the container load plan that fetchs gain of two kinds of methods that make case (CLP)
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