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The business flow with acting goods
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One, inquiry

1 consignor inquiry, initiate freight technological process

2. Goods is acting to ship company inquiry

3. Goods generation quotes to consignor

4. Consignor fax orders cabin to entrust sheet, namely consignor and the commission with acting goods are contracted

2, goods generation orders cabin

5. Order of goods acting examine and verify chooses right ship company for consignor

6. Goods generation orders cabin, copy makes him order cabin to entrust sheet

7. Ship company decides odd numbers to goods generation (comfortable boat bill of lading)

3, drag in arrives declare at customs, trade supervision reachs the link such as trailer

8. The bill of container load plan of consignor of goods Dai Ping applies for to custom

9. Arrangement trailer goes to a factory case carries present

With going out to drill the part ends

4, ship company goes aboard by the platoon

1. Confirm content of bill of lading, tell consignor boat condition

2. Copy controls process of bill of lading, check charge

3. After box goes aboard, can ask for bill of lading to ship company the following day (pay bill of lading)

4. Ship company signs and issue marine bill of lading,

5. To consignor collection charge, hair bill of lading gives consignor

6. If be his,copy makes bill of lading, the representative is asked to call in in destination port oneself bill of lading.

7. Those who have a representative need to put forward to give out goods to forecast, include goods to arrive time, the place, and the concerned cost that copy controls him

8. Consignor can call a receipt to inquire inside two years. (Receipt lowest saves two years. (Receipt lowest saves two years..

9. 60 days are delivery time

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