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Export goods consigns the flow that order cabin
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1, export business is after all ready of goods, card, fill formulate cabin a power of attorney, along with add the other and necessary bill such as COMMERCIALINVOICE, PACKINGLIST, entrust goods to take the place of to order cabin for you. Still entrust its representative to declare at customs sometimes, reach goods store the matters concerned such as carry.

2, goods generation is accepted after ordering cabin to entrust, copy makes container cargo booking note, the card of other and necessary sheet such as be accompanying COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LIST is dealt with to ship company together order cabin.

3, ship company foundation is specific circumstance, if accept order cabin criterion to write the number that attends to agree with B/L number on the receipt of a few couplet of booking note, fill aboard name, the number of voyages or flights, sign, express what already affirmed a consignor to order cabin namely, at the same time match cabin to answer odd, shipping order (SHIPPINGORDER: The S/O) receipt that concerns with the consignor returns a consignor.

4, the S/O that the consignor holds ship company to sign, fill restrict export the along with such as goods customs declaration, COMMERCIALINVOICE, PACKINGLIST is other concerned outlet is only card deals with export goods entry to custom.

5, custom basis concerned regulation undertakes probation to exporting goods, if agree with exit, be in chapter of discharged of S/O upper cover, return S/O the consignor.

6, the loading of S/O requirement captain that signs what the consignor holds custom affix one's seal by ship company.

7, after loading, sign M/R(Mate''sreceipt by the captain's mate, mate receipt) , give consignor.

8, the consignor holds M/R, exchange original to ship company already lading bill of lading.

9, ship company by M/R, sign and issue original bill of lading and give consignor by with settlement of exchange.

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