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International freight representative handles notebook
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Through traffic of railroad of A, international

One, carriage limits:

From the land transportation inside China country of past China periphery includes Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, Korea and in inferior 5 countries (Kazakstan, Wu Ci fastens gram, Turkmen, Dajike, Jierjisi) , and above country movement goes to China inland is contrary of direction carry.

2, carriage means: (1) truckload (2) container


1. Among them container transport is OK container of hire China railroad, hire formalities is united by company international ministry deal with.

2. The goods of Korea must use case of provide for oneself.

3. Carry in international through traffic in, must be double box just can handle international through traffic.

3, plan of international through traffic: Sending a station to carry newspaper international through traffic to plan ahead of schedule according to the specific requirement of freightage, the give an official that so that harmonious international through traffic plans,notifies international the ministry works.

4, carriage program

1, accept client inquiry: When the business that if the client enquires carry upgrade,narrates a country, answer to understand following problems to the client.

(1) carriage means: 1) truckload 2) container;

(2) the state that delivers station and carry to go to reachs a station;

(3) the name of an article of goods and amount;

(4) the time that predicts to carry;

(5) client unit name, phone, contact waits;

(6) other.

2, accept entrust

Once the client affirms quote, after agreeing with each company representative to carry, need client commends freight company with written form. Main content includes a power of attorney 1, ((1) - (6) .

3, carry only card

Requirement client provides evidence of the following sheet: (1) carriage a power of attorney (2) declare at customs a power of attorney (3) a power of attorney signing up for check (4) customs declaration, sheet signing up for check (build the special rule that relegates an unit) (5) contract (6) case is simple (7) bill (8) sheet of trade supervision discharged (9

4, fill in big bill of railroad international through traffic

Big ticket of railroad international through traffic is bought in place, fill in by international ministry the fax after good kind is only gives local company to fill in by relevant personnel big bill of formal international through traffic, or the express after making sheet by international ministry gives place the company.

5, declare at customs

The client can provide for oneself declare at customs, also can entrust certain freight company to declare at customs, if delivering goods the ground declares at customs no-go, can be in afore-mentioned only evidence together fully port declares at customs, be in namely full continent in, 2 Lian Hao spy, A Lashan mouth, declare at customs by auspicious and other places.

In international through traffic the custom in declaring at customs asks one car a cancel after verification is odd, the custom that at the same time the client needs to exporting port accordingly, trade supervision is dealt with register put on record formalities.
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