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Chartering is relevant of the program define
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Chartering market

Chartering is to carry chartering market (Chartering Market) undertakes. On chartering market, shipping everybody is marine supply square, and tenant is marine demand square. In technology of current news report the ten timeses that cent develops, the chartering business that bilateral party pursues, through the contemporary communication such as phone, telex, cable or fax the method negotiates great majority.

Chartering agent

On international chartering market, chartering trades is not normally show up by shipping everybody and tenant straight arrange with talks personally, pass what chartering agent is dealt with for you and the autograph makes an appointment with however. Chartering agent is familiar with chartering market level very much, perfectness chartering business, and have substantial chartering knowledge and experience, trade in whole lease the effect that there are bridge and bagman in the process, having very main effect to clinching a deal smoothly.

Chartering inquiry

Inquiry weighs ask again dish. It is to show tenant him basis is right normally the need of freightage or special to marine requirement are through chartering agent on chartering market requirement hire shipping. Inquiry basically puts forward with the written form such as cable or telex. The content of condition of tenant place expectation should include commonly: The freight rate of chartering means or harbor of the goods sort that needs acceptance of consignment, amount, loading and port of discharging, shipping deadline, deadline, expectation (hire) level and place need to define with marine wait for content. Inquiry also can is by shipping everybody contract to do a job cargo and give out to chartering market through chartering agent above all. The boat name that the inquiry content that gives out by shipping everybody should include to give chartering ship, citizenship, boat, marine bulk and the goods sort that the cubage that pack, time that can offer rent, hope contracts to do a job.

Chartering quote

Quote says to send again dish, when shipping everybody from the inquiry that tenant receives over there the ship broker hind, perhaps compare the inquiry condition of other through cost estimation, the shipping condition that offers his to be able to be offerred to tenant through chartering agent and freight are led or hire is led. The main content of quote, the content that divides pair of inquiry is made outside reply and raising a requirement, the mainest is about hire (freight rate) the chartering contract model of level and make choice of reachs clauses of pair of model for painting revise, additional provision. Quote has the branch of ” of “ rigid quote and ” of “ condition quote. “ rigid quotes ” is the quote with quote not changeable condition. Inquiry person must be in the to quote person quote inside deadline is made accept order the answer that hire, exceed period of efficacy, this one quote tells be no longer in force namely. As contrary as this, "The condition quotes " is the quoted price that can change quote condition.
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