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Chartering business guideline
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1. Characteristic: International trade is carried in another kind of important shipping runs way is carriage of chartered (CHARTERING) , ship-owner (or 2 ship-owner) to what offer between chartering person not be carriage service, however marine access. The chartering business that shipowner and has between chartering person is the act of a kind of trade of foreign trade, also make aeriform trade, chartering undertakes on chartering market normally. Over, ship-owner (SHIP OWNER) , chartering person (CHARTERER) , ship broker (SHIP BROKER) gather together, each other communicates information, offer shipping and supply of goods, have chartering activity. On chartering market, a large amount of trading that often undertake through agent. They have extensive business connection medium of communication, can offer to the ship advisory message and provide boat source case to chartering person, make bilateral choice negotiate appropriately object. Trade successful, agent can obtain regular pay, the ship broker rents business except facilitating shipping outside, still do sth for sb ship business, the business such as shipping representative. Their main effect is to be client to offer the most appropriate, the most advantageous business, provide market level, of party financial condition and answer client seek advice, for party both sides mediate resolves difficulty. Have following characteristics:

(1) belong to nonsked boat, without fixed course, assemble and unassemble harbor and voyage schedule.

(2) the freight rate that did not secure.

(3) the file that the bill of lading in carriage of chartered is not an independence. Issued bill of lading is the ship to have the brief type bill of lading of openly content only commonly, make clear “ALL TERMS ANDCONDITIONS AS PER CHARTER PARTY” , or “FREIGHT PAYABLE AS PER CHARTER PARTY” . This kind of bill of lading should suffer chartering bond to restrain, the bank accepts this kind of bill of lading not gladly, unless L/C has a regulation additionally.

(4) the shipping haven in carriage of chartered uses fee, loading/discharging charges and sailing date incur loss through delay differentiate by chartering contract provision reach computation, and regular ship is carried in all normal battalion in shipping carry defray all by the ship burden.

(5) a large amount of goods in if use carriage international trade,hiring shipowner.

2. Hire the ship pattern: Basically Cheng is hired (VOYAGE CHARTER) and period hire (TIME CHARTER) two kinds.

(1) Cheng hires: It is shipping everybody presses both sides beforehand agreed freight rate and condition offer ship to chartering person all or partial storehouse, undertake between designation haven one or more the number of voyages or flights carries the chartering business that appoints goods. Can divide again for:

1) Cheng of single voyage or flight number is hired (SINGLE VOYAGE CHARTER) , hire the chartering of a the number of voyages or flights only. Shipping everybody is in charge of content of indent middling finger be being gone to by one haven carry another haven, after goods carries destination port discharging ends, the contract ends namely stop.
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