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Grocery regular steamship service carries business flow
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1. Freight arrangement, include to pull goods and order cabin

Take money: Normally the practice is the regular ship course that ship company runs in place each hang those who rely on haven and hinterland of supply of goods to pass his to do business orgnaization or ship's husband and consignor establish business relation; Publish sailing date list through the press, magazine; Sign freightage to serve a contract through waiting with the consignor, carrier that do not have a boat or freight agent or pull goods agreement to strive for supply of goods.

Order cabin: Consignor or its agent to regular ship company or its agent (namely carrier) application freightage, carrier applies for to give affirmatory action to this kind.

Define mission of freight of the number of voyages or flights: The quality that considers each mark goods integratedly, pack and the element such as weight and measures, affirmatory some shipping holds the sort of goods and amount in place of some the number of voyages or flights.

2. Receive goods shipment

The goods that consigns its by the consignor normally by the regulation sends to ship side, undertake goods have sex and ship-loading operation. To special goods, be like danger goods, fresh content of goods, precious commodity, great piece goods, take the pattern that shows outfit or direct lading. To general goods, lading agent is appointed to be in in each loading harbor by regular ship company the goods that appoints a place to accept a consignor to deliver, order lading is pressed after goods concentration is liquidated.

3. Discharge boat delivers the goods

Carry the goods of shipping place acceptance of consignment on bill of lading bright below unship of port of discharging, give in ship side the delivery formalities that consignee handles goods.

To general goods, reach goods discharge first normally dock storehouse, after undertaking classified arranging, concentrate discharge ship to the alleged “ of consignee consign again, the form of storehouse consign ” .

Goods, great to danger wait for special goods, adopt normally by consignee ship side accepts procedures of entrance doing appropriate later goods, deal with those who hand over formalities to promote a form now.

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